which fingers you use to play the chord B
its one of those chords that make me not wanna learn a song that has B in it, i wanna nail it, but its not easy for me ...
right, barre with ur first finger the 2nd fret from the A string upwards, and then barre the 4th from the D string to the B-string with your 2nd or middle finger.
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bar the second string with your index, and put your pinky, ring, and index fingers at the fourth fret, on the B,G, and D strings respectively. ^or do what he said^ its basically an A two frets up
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You can play it either x24442 or 799877 (in standard EADGBe). The latter is probably easier but not as quick to change to for certain songs. Practice makes perfect though
its not an open chord, btw

barre with your index on the second fret, then lay your ring finger out on the forth, third, and second string on the forth fret for all of them. basicly, play a power chord and add an extra high note (and maybe a Gb on your high e string, depending how you play it), if that makes sense to you.

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