Alright, I'm learning Antoine Dufour and John Butler songs, so I'm looking at a song called Trilogie by the former. I can... mostly... figure out the song, where I am so far (the beginning). But about a minute in, he takes his right (picking) hand and somehow creates harmonics with them. I've heard someone refer to them as "hammer on harmonics" and this sounds about right. Does anyone know how to do them?

In case you still don't know what I'm talking about.... check this out, at 1:10... watch his right hand.... that's what I want to do.

Woulda thought tapped harmonics, where you fret a note and then tap the fret an octave above it, directly over the fret. Needs practice though.
And I wouldn't consider it off topic... Isn't that a pretty advanced technique? I'm trying to learn that, not just for the song, but for my playing since I use natural harmonics a ton.
I dont know why you call them hammer harmonics, look up tommy emmanuel lesson on youtube, he teaches you how to do that. I suggest you get a thumbpick if you dont already have em, they are alot louder and easier.