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Fender Standard Strat HSS
20 77%
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
4 15%
2 8%
Voters: 26.
Hey guys,

I know this is probably the most asked question about guitars, but I am currently looking for a new guitar and I can't decide between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard and the Fender Standard Strat HSS. I want a versatile guitar that is mainly made for blues/rock.


P.S. If you have any other suggestions for guitars in that price range ($400-$500), you can let me know
I'm a Gibson guy, but since it's an Epiphone, I'm going to say go with the HSS Strat.
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id definitely go to a music store and try playing each guitar and find out which one you like better. And you can always slightly alter the sounds and such depending on what kind of amp your using, what kind of strings come with it/you put on and what kind of pickups it has.
Personally, im a les paul person, i have a fender strat, but im looking into buying a les paul, but probably a cheap gibson one.

But id strongly suggest playing both guitars to see which one you prefer personally.
I would go with the Les Paul personally, as that is what I am currently buying, but go check out a store to see what feels more comfortable to you.
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The strat would probably be more versatile for what you're looking to play. The single coils give a good blues sound, but like everyone else has said, try out both and see which feels and sounds best to you.
Standard Fender >>> Standard Epiphone any day.

Neither are excellent however... I'd go with a deluxe players strat (SSS) or a standard Telecaster.

Another good option (if you're somewhat crazy but want a great value) is to buy a cheaper axe and upgrade certain components to bring it up past the level of anything in the $400-500 range. For example take a Peavey HP Signature EX and drop a Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz in the neck and a SH-1 59 in the bridge. And since it's Peavey the build quality for the price should be insane; hell, it already comes with Grover tuners!

Oh and no matter what you buy make sure to get Straplocks!
both of them are good guitars for those genres, i personally love my HSS strat but thats jsut me, go to a guitar store, and play them both
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i must be the only one who doesn't care for the SSS at all.
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Those guitars are pretty far from eachother tonally; what bands do you want to emulate/what kind of tone do you want? (warm, biting, etc etc).

There are far better mahogany body/maple capped dual humbucker guitars in the price range than the Epi LP Standard.
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normally id say go for les paul, its a great guitar, however you might prefer the versatility of the HSS strat because of the HSS arrangement. Youl be happy with both, try them out and make your decision.
good luck