i know this goes in the relationship thread but mine was buried in less than a few minutes with one reply to my situation...from a 14 year old.

i've been dating a girl for about 17 months now and we broke up for one week about 2 months ago. the reason for this was mostly because i was upset that she was still talking to her ex-boyfriend from about half a year before we got together. she was never the one to initiate a conversation, but if he texted her (this would be like once every 2-3 weeks or so) she would respond 3 or 4 times and they would be done. i asked her if she had any feelings for him anymore and she said no and then i asked her if it would be a problem for her to not talk to him anymore cuz it made me uncomfortable (this was about 4 months ago). She said she wouldnt talk anymore, then about 2 months ago (just before we broke up) in her recent calls when she showed me something on her phone i saw she had answered the phone when he had called her. i asked and she said she didnt know why she answered and i felt that was a betrayal of trust since she told me she wouldnt talk to him. Needless to say we broke up shortly after. i really missed her and she missed me and we loved each other and i kind of realized it was a weak reason to break up so we got back together. now just yesterday i see that she re-added him to her facebook even though she had removed him before...i asked her why and she said it was cuz i had upset her earlier in the week but couldnt tell me what it was. i really dont know what to do and could it mean that she was upset with me and looked for comfort in her ex? am i being unreasonable? (keep in mind she cheated on her ex and then broke up with him, thats why they were done) i really believe its fair on my part to not like it that she talks to him, and when she tells me she wont and yet does, it seems like she still does have feelings just wont say it so she doesnt upset me...any help or points of view are appreciated.

Cheers to everyone who read the whole thing.
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youre right
she's wrong

quitting annoying us about it
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She can talk to him if she wants. You don't own her, and you can't tell her what to do and what not to do.
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After 17 months I would think you would trust her more than that. It is possible for people to remain friends with an ex, you know.
Oh Shit!
Jesus, you're weak.

She can talk to who she wants, stop being such an over-bearing, insecure idiot.
You can still be friends with your ex. As long as it is you that she kisses etc and not him or someone else, leave it be
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you're 18, don't be childish. she can talk to her ex-boyfriend if she wants to, you know.
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Can't people on here use paragraphs!?

I speak to all of my ex-es (sp).
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Relationships don't work if theres no trust.

End of.

Trust her or move on.
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Well I read the whole thing but as I am 14 also, I will not offer my invalid opinion.

oooo burnnnnnnn

seriously, PullTiger, nice one

but seriously, you just need to man up and let her do what she wants, as long as she's loyal to you relationship wise, what's the problem? i bet you talk to other girls (and maybe ex's) too. an eye for eye now...
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get to know him to and c if u think there is some reason you should be woried
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Jesus, you're weak.

She can talk to who she wants, stop being such an over-bearing, insecure idiot.

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Jesus, you're weak.

She can talk to who she wants, stop being such an over-bearing, insecure idiot.

True that.
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I think if you're insecure about the idea, then it says a lot about your relationship. Unless he's trying to get her back, you really have no reason to worry. That being said, she should respect your wishes if she really cares about you, and going to him 'cos you upset her is a bit childish. All in all, you're not being THAT unreasonable, but ask yourself if there really is a cause for concern, or if you're just the jealous type. Oh, and if she's cheated before, I'd recommend really evaluating your relationship; if she can do it once she can do it again, if anything she would be the problem here, not her ex.
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