I only know colleges in England, and you're in America, so no I can't. Sorry.
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well, juliard is one of the most famous ones in the world, but it's hard as **** to get in to, and I'm not sure if they'll do contemporary stuff, either.
As far as I know Julliard is strictly classical.

Most conservatories and certain colleges are classical only, but places like Berklee (NOT Berkely or any other permutation), MIT, and others offer contemporary music also.
how good are you?..

edit:try USC thornton
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I suggest Google. It's the best university!!
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Remember, the place/course you'd enjoy the most might not be one of the "best". I would explain this further but I don't know if I can be bothered.

I've heard/read from a person/people he/they didn't enjoy Berklee at all.
ugh the hardest thing I can play is cannon rock im fairly good at jamming and my understanding of theory is at a intermediate level, and ive only been playing for two years... I'm also alright at paino and signing...
you have to research your music schools man. i'm a first semester student at berklee right now and i love it. its really not for everyone though. berklee is really contemporary. you wont find a classical program, and even their jazz program is REALLY good but not the best. berklee is the place to be for production, music business, film scoring, and other music majors like that. even their performance major is stellar. but if you really want to be a jazz master, look into manhatten school of music, eastman in rochester, juliard, all the obvious ones. what kind of stuff do you want to study in school?
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What style of guitar do you want to study? That will narrow your list of choices down a bit.
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Yeah, I'd go with Berkely


two completely different schools
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Yeah, I'd go with Berkely

BERKLEE not Berklely FFS why does everyone confuse those schools UC berkely isnt a music college!

Berklee covers a wide range of styles even metal and rap. Check their site www.berklee.edu
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