Im heading to music live next weekend in search of a new guitar.

I've been playing 6 years in december and want a decent, but cheap guitar..

My price range is £200 - 250 (300 if im VERY lucky)

Im looking for HH, but a HSH Would also be nice (Im buying it for the Music Tech course im taking next year, recording guitars for people and need a versatile workhorse)

A locking trem would be nice aswell.

I dont want stupid shaped guitars, anything beyond an ML (Explorers and Vs are okay too) Is crazy.

Im a Les Paul man at heart but i also play a squier strat i modified (HsH)

Thanks for the advice

if you need a locking trem, most likely an ibanez s320. i'm not sure of any other guitars at that price range which have a known reliable trem, and many have horrible ones that you'd be better off avoiding. If you can make do with a hardtail, a washburn x50 pro, or wi65pro (if you can find one) would be great, and probably my choice. yamaha pacifica (612? 412? whichever the highest one for the price...) or aes 620 would also be worth a look.
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