Looked around for a Keane thread and I couldn't find one =/

Any fans here?

I really like both albums, which is a surprise for me, because with most modern bands, I usually lose interest after the frsit few singles =]

"She Has No Time" is my favorite =]
When I hear Keane, I feel like the Mars Attacks aliens when they hear the grandma's music. It makes my head want to explode.

I'll never forget the time I was watching Conan (I think it was Conan, might have been Leno or Letterman) and they were performing one of their little poopty pop songs...and the keyboardist was headbanging. It was demoralizing.

But yeah, can't really stand their music. Some of the lyrics aren't too bad, but the way they're executed...argh.
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Hey well I bought the first album after hearing "This is the last time" and "Everybody's changing".

Great album and hey I find someone who also likes "She has no time". Its probably my favorite song though "Somewhere only we know" does have a kind of mood lifting effect on me !! . I havent pruchased the second album yet but heard few songs and they sound pretty good. Im surprised I like Keane if you look at the line up, my favorite bands being hard rock or metal bands.

Keane reminds me of the softer songs of Def Leppard like " Long, long way to go", "Hysteria" and "When love and hate collides" which must make me sound crazy as Keane have no guitarist. Oh well great band anyway !
the first album was good, i didn't bother with the second album though because none of the songs they released as singles caught my ear.
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This might go in the alt/indie forum
regardless, good band
manages to keep a good, lively melody without the guitar; very good keyboardist
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Love all of their stuff.

There new album is much more rockish as there is more guitar. Sprialling, their first single was available for free download off their website. Video is now out, pretty good stuff.
i've always found them really quite dull.
a few of my mates used to like them so they tried to force them upon me. but when i listened to it i didn't feel as though the songs went anywhere. they lack a certain edge that i like in my music.
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New album soon.

Can't wait personally. Both their albums have been pretty above par to the usual stuff that's kicking around these days. They're like a more exciting Coldplay at the moment
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They're like a more exciting Coldplay at the moment

That's not really saying much.
^ Lol.
The only song I like is 'Walnut Tree', it's really dreamy and sad.
But their other stuff is a bit too pop. For some reason they remind me of Maroon 5.

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything
Can't wait for the new album. Should arrive in the mail tomorrow.
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