Okay, sorry I've tried searching and haven't been around this forum so I don't know if this has been answered.

I recently got myself a Fender Jazz bass and was wondering if it'll work if I just take all of the strings to kind of "B standard" like it would be on a 5-string, except for on a 4. I'm a guitar player but I got this bass and have started playing it for some school things... ****ing bass parts always got some low Ds and Ebs in 'em so yeah.

Can I just like, get thicker strings and tune it down... I'm assuming I'd have to mess with the action/intonation since it won't be in tune, but I've done it with guitar before so I was wondering if the same thing would work with bass.

You would have to file the nut a little to fit the larger strings and readjust the truss rod and bridge saddles. With a little bit of work it might be pretty cool.
It would work, but would require some nut, truss rod, action and intonation adjustment.
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If you only tune down to D then just buy a set of 50-110 strings and they will be fine.
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just get some bigger string of 4 packs like i did and they work like wonder, no need to make the hole bigger yarwl!

Just that they sometimes get on your nerves >.< so thick that even burns my fingers when i slide...
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