i purchased it because i think the pre-amp section on my 50 ca.+ is crapping out. the graphic eq "auto" setting works intermittently, and my mid knob doesn't work at all like it used to. in channel 2 if i'd turn it bellow 5/10 the distortion texture would completely go tinny and thin. boost it over 5 and it thickens up and made my amp hit harder than the outfield wall at wrigley stadium.

so on to the v-twin. i'm using as a pre-amp (obviously) into the power section. and


first of all, it works sort of like an attenuator. i can keep the master vol. just above zero, and then jack the power-amp's master vol. to 6- or 7/10, and still play at apartment levels. crank the gain to 7- or 8/10 and it gets so freak'in thick, with a bottom end, evander holyfieild-style fist to the face.

i'm going to get a fish-n-chips to sculpt the tone a little further than what the bass, mid and treb. knobs can do.

i'm in love with my amp again. maybe the built-in pre-amp will figure out what's going on and start to shape up again

now, if i could only get my cats to do the dishes and some dusting while i'm away at work during the day. that would be high-liv'in
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