Yay another one. Uh...yeah the drums are kinda phail, but I didn't pay much attention to them as I'll just let my actual drummer come up with some more interesting stuff. Some of the transitions might sound a bit weird, but that's because I'm either too lazy or unknowledgable to do them right in Guitar Pro.

EDIT: I'm considering MAYBE putting a solo in, but I think it's alright as is and only will if I can come up with something that really helps.
Really Really New Song.zip
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Really good stuff there and none of the transitions sound weird to my ears. Maybe an epic Necrophagist-esque type solo would finish it off.
The intro sweeps remind me of Necrophagist so much...

Actually, a lot of this reminded me of them. It was really good. You just need a crazy solo, like ctb said.
Really good man. It does remind me a lot of Necrophagist, which is a good thing in my opinion.