I just bought a 1995 standard Volkswagen golf for $3200 Canadian, but it doesn't seam to be very good on gas, at the rate I'm going ill have to fill up every week :S. Should i try to sell the car for the same price and buy a Honda civic which i looked into and is a lot better on gas?
If you can sell it for the same price you bought it, go for it.
yeah get the honda
way better in pretty much every way possible
Call me Trey.
You can sell your kidney if you want for gas, then sell the car for the money to buy the <ivi>

(Am I cool now? I spelled it like they did =P)
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Buy a Diesel VW

WAY better than the gas models, and are way more fuel efficiant than ANYTHING. Not even a hybrid can beat it.

how much are they? im on a budget of $3200.