When using quotation marks is it correct to insert a period within the quotes such as (.") or we leave the period out of it?
You can use either, i.e:

, "Jimmy Cracked corn, and i don't care."


And he said, "Jimmy cracked corn, and i don't care".

EDIT: no, no, no sorry I'm wrong.

Wow... Wow... Oh man, that was horrible... I really didn't read your post right, yeah leave it inside.
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Inside, but if there's text on the outside of the quotation, replace it with a comma. Ex: "Hi," he said.

EDIT: If the quotation isn't punctuated, or if it's not a quote, then it goes on the outside. I think.
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Well, there are two rules. In the US, it's always inside the quotes. In England, it depends on the context.
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You're supposed to leave it inside the quotes. Although I think I remember reading in Eats, Shoots & Leaves that in Britain the period is placed after the quotations. Is that true? Because honestly, that makes more sense.

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