I didn't see another thread like this through my search button sweep, so I made one for the fun of it.

Basically, the jist of it is that you post your favorite Classical (As in Symphonies, concertos, ECT, not Bob Dylan or people like that) Pieces.

It doesn't have to be jsut one....mainly because I can't center around just one.


Three Intermezzi-Brahms
Hungarion Dance 12-Brahms
Rhapsody in Blue
Symphony #5-Beethoven
Prelude in F Major-Beethoven
Rhapsody in E Minor-Kolaskminov
Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
There's this amazing Vivaldi piece, short and very sweet. Malmsteen plays it on (clean) classical guitar, a really nice listen.