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Extra light
4 14%
7 25%
10 36%
7 25%
Voters: 28.
Ive had heavy strings on my acoustic for a really long time to build up strength, and make it sound really good when i go to play electric.... but its time for new strings & am thinking of getting extra light.
I know it will sound/ play different, will i like it?

what strings do you use????????
i use 9 - 42's
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I like 9's, haven't tried 8's but I can only assume they would be a bit too thin.
11 - 70s no noobs will dare play a bend on my guitar lol, its actually bone crushing XD

EDIT : so saskhi, to i had my guitar tuned for these strings, and its tuned a half step down so the neck stays "heterosexual"
I gave my acoustic to my girlfriend, so now I only play electric, but I use 12-56 on both in standard/drop D.
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