Well I'm kind of learning to play the guitar by myself but I'm having a bit difficulties on not knowing what to practise on. so I was wondering if anyone has like a practice schedule with the stuff you do when you practise. like chords, scales,...

I have my guitar quite a while but I'm not really that fantastic at it.

thanks in advance.

(P.S. sorry if this question has been asked alot)

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- 1-4 on all strings up and down
- trills
- run through pentatonic minor scales on the way up in one position and on the way down go to a different position
- start on the low e, play frets 1,2+3 twice then move up and octave on the 3rd fret on the d string and go 3,5+6 twice then go to the next octave (learn to do that in many different places)
- learn the intro for thunderstruck by ac/dc, its a good warm-up for your fretting hand

hope that helps

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i started taking lessons and just learned songs... i guess if u want to learn theory though, my route isnt great, but get lessons and practice what you learn. I stopped taking lessons after a year and just learned songs from online tabs, and now going back to take lessons from people who actually know what theyre doing, Im finally putting everything together. I guess I'm saying find lessons but make sure the people know what theyre doing