Hi. This thread is for all the Line 6 Spider I/II/III users. I need some presets for my 75 watt Spider II. I play metal if that helps. Please inculde : Amp Model, Drive, Treble, Mid, Bass, FX, Reverb and if the Noise Gate and Gain Boost.

Thank You to all those who contribute their settings.

P.S. If you flame anyone or anything, you will be reported.
I'm quite sure this thread has been created several times. A quick search should bring up a few of them.
perfect metal sound= red insane led, full drive 3/5 treble just over half mid 3/4 bass
blues green


sounds beautiful
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Current settings for metal:
Red Metal channel
Drive 8
Bass 5
Mid 6
Treble 8
no boosted drive or noise gate

I find that alot usable than the crappy presents, god knows what they where on when they tuned them in. I use an Emg 81 btw so it might be slightly different if using passives. I wouldnt use the insane channel either, the best ones i found came from the metal channel or even the crunch channel with distortion w/boost right up and no noise gate.
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