well ive got another pickup problem. i just put an EMG 81/85 combo in my LP and everything works fine except when i have my bridge pup volume at 10 and the neck at 0 and the switch is in the neck position (no noise should be made) i can still hear the strings being played when i shouldnt hear anything. i have the wiring done exactly how it looks in the insrtructions and want to know what i should look for to fix this. thanks
eh that doesnt really help much. i know i have to fix something somewhere, i just need to know what im looking for
There are 2 wiring setups for LPs. One is for each volume is a master volume. Which means in middle position either will turn it down. The other set up is for each independant volume. Which means when switch is in the middle you can turn one down without affecting the other. Sounds like thats how you did it.