I bought a B-52 At 1x12 a few months ago, and I can safely say I'm enjoying this amp alot. There are still a few grips I have with this amp though that I think are caused by the stock B-52 speaker and the Sovtek 5881WXT's. Basically I want to get rid of the harsh highs on this amp that are present when the speaker clips and push it into a more ballsy warm british distortion with a good amount of gain with smooth highs. Tight bass clarity is a must for palm mutes. Also I really like the cleans on this amp so anything that would really change them for the worse I don't want, but I don't really care if it gives the clean channel an earlier break up because I can push alot of volume out of it without if breaking up now. I don't know what speaker or what kind of tube change would get me this kind of tone because I don't have that much exprience in this stuff so any help would be appreciated!
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a speaker change might be nice. tube swaps to JJ/Tesla tubes should be okay, although i don't know bout their 5881s. as far as the speaker goes, contact ted weber and see what he thinks.
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emi governor or private jack. mix between one of those and the wizard would be cool too. if you want some quality tubes get a matched tested pair of the above mentioned. and youll be good to go.
Thanks for the replies!
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celestion has some really good speakers with tight bass and clear highs.

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