Hey. I'm currently in a 3 piece punky/metal band and am stuggling to find a nice texture in our own songs. Any body got tips on how to over come this and to make nice full sounding songs? Dont have much experience in 3 piece XD Any replies are appreciated
Hey, I'm in a 3 piece. It's not the same style as yours (we play pop-punk) but I know what you mean. What I've found is that using the bass to its potential to its best is useful. Since theres only one guitar, the bass needs to play an important part. Also, make sure your bass and drums have a good rhythm going on. Something u just wanna tap your feet two. Then bring out some cool riffs on your guitar which go well with the bass and drums. I think it's best when our guitar has a solid sounding tone, so it's nto too screechy, as it gives moredepth and compensates for the fact there is nor rhythm guitar ( which is useful for metal like you play)
I don't know if that was any help but I hope it was!
Don't ever sound as empty and hollow as Peter Bjorn and John. Anything above that is just fine with me, at least. I don't see how punk OR metal can sound empty, though. Just go nuts. Don't hold back on your playing. Be aggressive. Be strong.
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I'm in a 3-piece. Our guitarist uses chorus to make his sound a bit bigger, and I tend to use a distortion pedal on my bass if things need a bit more beef. Also, we layer up vocals wherever it fits.
get a delay, maybe a chorus, volume pedal is always handy... whenever you need to have clean tone in a punk/metal band, the delay will beef up your notes. The chorus will just add a nice mood, and the volume pedal will help you and your bandmates work with dynamics a bit more.
Get an effects pedal and mess around with as much stuff as possible

Just wait until you get something that sounds exciting and original.

Never start a two piece band though...
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three piece metal, idk....but yeah effects could help maybe add some guitars in the studio but with really low volume so you have no problem when playing live.
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You could use bigger chord voicings. Like 022x00 up and down the fretboard for power chords, and 3x0033 for G power chords if you need to. This might be kinda out there, but using some sort of stereo amp rig would make things sound physically fuller and wider. Having fuzz on the bass would really help fill up the mid-range space while the guitar is doing leads higher up on the fretboard.
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Try and get your bass player using effects like distortion, fuzz, compression, and chorus. That will give you a huge low end, so you don't need a rhythm guitar, which leaves you free to do some stuff higher up on the neck. Check out Muse to see what I mean, even if that's not your style.
What's wrong with a sparse texture?
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the police were a three piece white reggar/funk band, listen to more police. and i, too am in a 3 piece band ( www.myspace.com/emersontheband ) you just gotta make sure the bass and drums are a good solid rhythym section and you can use the guitar for lead and stuff.
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What's wrong with a sparse texture?

Nothing, it's great, just not for punk or metal.