Is this for an assignment of some kind?

"Weekend Warrior" is about the love for the game of British football and the way hooligans are twats and ruin it for those that truly love the game. There's an interesting one.
Bring Your Daughter To the Slaughter... it's about a father's undying love for his daughter.
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any about love towards a girlfriend and if not can you guys give me a good song from the 80's that is a love-metal song haha
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There's plenty of songs by hair metal bands like Poison about love, or Def Leppard maybe?
Not metal, but how about "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. I think it's been done before though.
No, because Maiden are good, and don't sing so straightforwrd-ly about such cheesy and overdone subjects
Wasting Love.

Probably one of their easiest songs, too.
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