harmonic minor for teh br00t4lz!!!

just kidding. look at the pentatonic. minor and major.
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Pentatonic minor and major.. As said above. You should just realize that the pentatonic scale reaches across the whole neck. Not just the four fret wide pentatonic box.

Learn the five penatonic boxes.. Learn to put them together and be able to switch between them seamlessly.

There´s very little more to it than that.. After those you can pretty much just study specific artists to find what extra notes they use and what they omit to make theyr own sound.
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Yeah forgot to say apart from the minor pentatonic as well :P

I don't understand what your question is....the minor pentatonic and the blues scale, which is simply the minor pentatonic with an extra note, ARE the blues....there's not really any other scales you can use for it.

It's all in the phrasing.
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Mixolydian, Dorian maybe, dominant 7th scales and arps.


But it's more about phrasing than scales.
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