I wrote this like two years ago and found it again.
(it's a joke.)

I eat your babies
I eat your babies

I eat your babies from the womb
My stomach is their giant tomb
Their flesh is soft and full of blood
My ****'s so thin it looks like mud
When I'm in a human mood
Your babies are the perfect food
If they start to giggle or laugh
I'll unleash my hungry wrath

I eat your babies
I eat your babies


I eat your babies
I eat your babies

It's not chicken, and it's not pork
I do not need to use a fork
There is no safe house or haven
Nothing will stop this huge cravin'
I eat them cause they taste real good
Just like the beaver eats the wood
Eating babies is not a feat
It's just the other, other white meat
Reminds me of a film I watched, Dumplings i think it's called, some dodgy Japanese film about eating feoteses (however you spell it) it was ****, and this somehow, tops it
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The funnier thing is I wrote this during lunch..

we would always joke "yeah well I'll eat your babies."
Quote by The_Crumpet
my stomach is their giant tomb - sounds weird, try something besides giant.

aw thanks for the crit.

the whole choice for "giant" is that they are fetuses.
so in earlier stages (yes this sounds gross) the baby could just be the size of like a cheeseburger.