My freting hand is outspeeding my picking hand...by far. I can fret the riff to Jump in the Fire a lot faster than i can actually play it with picking. Same with the C major scale...it's really depressing.

What are some good ways to build picking speed on several strings, chromatics aren't cutting it.
Sounds like you need to build stamina. Saw this chop builder in Total Guitar once, that showed you. Sorry this comment was like no help at all.
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Slow Down


Whether it be chromatics, going up scales/scale fragments etc. take it slow and make sure you are synched and clean.
Practise dotted rhythms with a metronome. That way, you can have fast movements, but at a slow tempo, so you have time to think
Practice your damn alternative/economy picking (whatever you think it's best) with a damn metronome.
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I have the same problem dude, im begining to slow things down when im picking, and just working on strengthen the hand.
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metronome is going to be your friend here
nothing else.

Dotted rhythms/Rhythm practise + accent practise?