ok. so i'm in the market for a new amp, i had my heart set on a engl fireball, however a halfstack is just way more than i'll ever need. so i'm hoping to get a combo. BUT the fireball doesn't come in a combo unfortunately for me. so is there a combo equivalent to a fireball?

just a simple 1 channel high gain tube combo..

thanks in advance !

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Dont quote me on this but ive heard the ENGL SOVEREIGN is like it gain wise and is amazing, but it has 4 channels.
cool man! thanks for the suggestion. The amp doesn't have to be an engl, i'm not too hung up on brand names or anything. just something that has its features (or lack thereof), and some of the characteristics tonewise.
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Do you need a clean channel?
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not overly. as far as my cleans go, i like to have a small amount of dirt on it. so the gain on the amp will probably be more than a quarter up, and the rest driven by an overdrive.
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the engl sovereign is nearly twice the price of the fireball.
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the sovereign is a CLASSIC sound . just get the powerball head and a 1x12 or 2x12. same thing man.
what about peavey 6505 combo, or ENGL screamer 50? they seem to be in ur pricerange

the screamer wont have as much gain as fireball but with an OD should do really well, and from what i have heard the screamer has really nice cleans if u ever need them. the 6505 combo has more than enuff gain with sub-par cleans
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I'd just get the Fireball and a 1x12" or 2x12" cab. Arguably more portable than a combo of the same size anyway.
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yea its looking easier to go that route. budget isn't an issue (not that i'm rich or anything).. this'll probably be the last amp i buy so i'm gonna shoot for something that i won't have to upgrade.

I'll try to snake a decent sounding cab like an avatar 2x12 or similar.
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