this is a guitar i've been eyeing for a while (especially the off-white-colored one), and i'm getting tempted to buy it. i havent seen it in the guitar stores near where i am though, so i'm asking around to see if you guys know much about it. ie, ability to stay in tune, durability, general playability, etc. i'm gonna be using it basically for a handful of kinds of music...rock/metal/punk/ska.


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I think there are better guitars in the price range, but it's not a bad guitar.

I've had difficulty finding a "middle pickup tone" that I liked when I've played one.
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dude they're pretty dang nice for $300 I went to guitar center to find a new guitar and i couldn't put it down. I tried out a lot of ibanez's and strats and telecasters. and personally i like the SG the best. it has a good comfortable neck and its really light. id say its about the best I've played for that price
An old student of mine had one. Not a bad little axe. It does have some tuning issues (as all SG's do) but with proper set up these can be avoided. The tone is decent but the middle pickup is kinda useless. The way his was set up, the middle was only on when the switch was in the middle, I don't know if they are all like that or not.
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