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Bubble gum
2 3%
15 21%
8 11%
11 15%
8 11%
7 10%
6 8%
1 1%
5 7%
Other/Don't like gum
10 14%
Voters: 73.
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or airwaves
Professional Mixing available at request.

Everton FC
I thought it said "gun" at first lol.

Anyway mine is Orbit sweetmint. Tastes like mint chocolate chip icecream.
Wrigleys Doublemint, which isnt an option.
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Don't like gum.....
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of those who deny I have my soul
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Condemned by what you condemned before
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Wrigleys Doublemint, which isnt an option.

By God you're right! That's like, THE gum!
Juicy Fruit.

and 5, It taste just like all other gum! but lasts longer and has a pretty package!
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Stride for me.
That stuff is good.

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stride ftw
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Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4.

Number 5.
(for the slow ones, its called AIDS)
Either that new 5 gum or Stride. I chose 5.
Where's that confounded bridge?

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Where is Eclipse? I'll vote Dentyne b/c its the closest to Eclipse.