for so long ive been trying to find the perfect pick for me,i endured many trials and frustration,and finally,i settled on this sharp red beauty:


i love it! but heres the problem,i live in egypt (prolly the only one on UG who does) and over here they sell picks singly (so they could charge much more!) and i only got one a few months ago
now,i searched all the music shops,and i cant find anymore,they dont get them anymore or something! and,the one i have is starting to wear out!

i could just use another one but it just wouldn't be the same,i fell for this pick!

so what should i do?i cant order picks from abroad,this would be really ruidiculous,and they wouldnt get through anyway,i dont trust our mail service here...

so,what do i do?help me!
Ha ya I'm a jazz III user myself. Just see if any of the shops will custom order it for ya.