hey guys, started playing guitar a year ago but dropped it because i couldnt afford lessons

i currently have no guitar but two options:

1) i have about 300$ and other stuff to sell so i could, tomorrow buy an ibanez rg321 with a microcuve amp.


2) wait till X-mas and buy something like an ibanez s series or schecter hellraiser and a nice, much bigger marshall with the added x-mas money

keep in mind im quite a beginner but honestly plan to stick with it seing as how i loved it but needed extra cash so sold my ****ty jackson js1
How about 2, but with a Roland cube30, or a Vox?
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Option 2 definatley.
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yes i was thinking roland cube 30x actually

i like the hellraisers feel a bit better than the ibanez because i have very long fingers and the fretboard is a tad wider than the ibanez.

i just know that if i get the hellraiser i want an amp that would do the active EMGs justice, know what i mean?
definitely option 2, but dont get an MG marshall.. at least get an AVT
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yeah, option 2 is the best choice and you wont be disappointed with the schecter
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Option 2 unless you can't wait, then maybe find a used Squier and cheap amp (or no amp at all)

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Option 2 unless you can't wait, then maybe find a used Squier and cheap amp (or no amp at all)


i kno :P
Of course Option 2 - I would waste alittle money on a really crappy guitar in the mean time to gain your skill back/have something to practice on in the mean time. I wouldnt be able to go two days without practicing. Like waste 50 bucks or something on something really back.

Or you could buy one of those neck practice things they advertise in the back of Guitar World mags. I would imagine their kinda helpful.

Good luck!
yea i think im going to buy a ****ty used squier at the local pawn shop....shouldnt cost more than 100$
Option 2... but a big marshall doesn't necessarily equate to being a good amp. Only get a 'big' amp if you're rehearsing with a band, as you'll be wasted with 100 watts or so at home.
Just the fact that you say "Nice, much bigger' Marshall concerns me if you're not in a band - it'll just be wasted money, and won't sound any better because it's Marshall and large.
I'd look at a valvetronix or something, as it sounds a lot more suitable.
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