I am looking for some 80's hits that would be cool to cover.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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livin on a prayer

love the sound of the guitar in the solo

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any 80s metallica

megadeth- peace sells

guns n' roses- welcome to the jungle
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Anything by Duran Duran with a metal twist on it would own.
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Ummm... Can you say Skid Row?
Big Guns
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Shake Me-Cinderella
Teas'n Pleas'n-Dangerous Toys
Slip Of The Tongue-Faster Pussycat
No Mercy-LA Guns
Five Years Dead-Motley Crue
Still Loving You-Scorpions
Try some songs that were hits, but you don't hear covered too often

Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat
Looks that Kill - Motley Crue
You're In Love - Ratt
W.A.S.P. - Wild Child
Try doing covers of yngwie malmsteen songs like trilogy suite hehe
Rokken With Dokken!
Anything GN'R. I'm gonna try to get some friends and cover all of Appetite.

If you can cover Malmsteen, you should have a recording contract. but go for it.

And Rush covers are always fun.