I'm in need of a little assistance with my TSL100. It has an emulated line out, but I can't figure out how to work it. The plug on the back is a XLR output, so I bought this. I plugged the other end into another amp, a recorder, etc but still couldn't figure it out and there was no sound. I've looked at the manual, and on page 5 it has three diagrams which I can't figure out. Can someone explain how to get this working and if I need any additional parts? Much thanks
Hmm, I don't venture into this sub forum often, so I don't much about phantom power. And my VPR is off. So is the reason because I need some sort of power supply for the cable? Basically, I want to run the cable from the output into a recorder, using the quarter inch end.
Phatom powers just a fancy name for 48volts or something. Your amp should have it built in. If it doesn't i'd complain cos thats just pure money making tatics. Turn VPR on, it should make it work.