I was wondering, since the Valvetronix amps are considered "Hybrid", does that mean that if I get the AD30VT 30Watt amp, that it wont be as loud as a normal tube amp? And in the "Everything you need to know about tube amps" thread, it says that hybrid amps only have like one tube in them, and it barely makes a difference. So should I just stay away from this amp if I'm looking for a warm, tube tone?
There are a lot of good hybrid amps out their and the Vox Valvetronix is my favorite. It's true that they don't sound like real tube amps but they isn't always a bad thing. The best thing to do would be to try it and see what you think.
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Yeah. It will be the same loudness as normal SS amps.

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I have one, and I've tried many tube amps. I think you can't beat the valvetronix for the price.
I've got the 30 watt, and it hauls serious ass. I couldn't imagine how intense the 120 would be.
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db varies between every amp ever made, tube solid state or hybrid. so it might sound louder than some tubes and solid state amps. i owned the 15 for a spell, it was very loud of the wattage rating.
A Crate Palomio would sound much better and be almost as loud. $200
I like them quite a bit as well, I had one for well over a year before I bought my VJ. Good tone and plenty versatile. I've heard a few people swapped the tube and speaker in theirs and it made nice improvement. But if you're looking for that warm tube tone, I guess an actual tube amp wouldn't hurt
can the 30 watt get over drums?
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the one tube doesnt really make a difference, but it still has an incredible sound.
to guitar_infadel: I'm not sure the 30 watt can get over drums, but the 50 watt definatly can
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^its low wattage in the power section. so it saturates really fast, which has an effect on the sound...
from what ive heard the AD30VT can get over drums easily, and still maintain a great tone, and its the next amp im going to buy. and i will be gigging.
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can the 30 watt get over drums?

Should do, unless your drummer is a really heavy hitter. I used to play over drums with a 20 watt peavy solid state and it made the drums hard to hear. 30 watts should be more than enough.
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