cool. how would it cope at low volume bedroom practice and at a normal band practice?
If you want decent cleans and good distortion for metal, then look at ENGL's.

It would be alright at bedroom and band practice levels since you'd still get a tone from the preamps.
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The cleans arent that bad. Theyre certainately usable, especially on the 6505+.


and it sounds fine at bedroom volumes
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I would suggest the 5150 as well, same amp. At bedroom levels its pretty good. But my parents dont care to much how loud i play so "bedroom" levels can be differnt. I have pretty muched played it all day, sence i got my matching cab today. Honestly, i like the 5150 cab more then any, its more "raw" and harsh(er) sounding.

The 6505 is just as good. I wouldnt suggest the 6505+ / 5105II if you have SSS. ( will finish later my sister is beeing a B!tch
It sounds pretty good at low volumes, but if your not in a band or gigging i would suggest the combo, like your link.
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