Sorry man, I really didn't like it. It wasn't original at all, the music was pretty boring. The vocals weren't really that good, just kind of bland and overdone. I mean the music was good, but sounded like every single other crappy pop punk band. The drummer was good, the guitar was minimalistic which isn't bad if you can pull it off properly which I don't think you guys did, the bass was just kind of like there. The vocals were kind of just the same as the bass, just there and taking up space. Oh and the lyrics on "On Your Side" were really really bad. I liked the "Silence the Violence" the most, it reminded me of The Offspring, the guitar has a sweet riff in it, I still don't like thing singing though. Again, I'm not trying to be a dick, just giving you my honest opinion.
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hey guys, some of your songs sound good, but your recordings are pretty horrible, your levels are everywhere, the guitars sound tinny and pretty horrible, the vocals are peaking everywhere, and your drummer sounds like his tempo is changing sometimes

get your drummer on a click track, and spend abit more time on your recording and mixing, youll sound 100 times better. if your doing all your recording yourselves its just a learning curve, keep at it

and id suggest getting rid of that interlude song, it sounds horrible, its out of time, peaks everywhere and sounds like your trying to horribly rip-off the last blink182 album or a +44 song or something

crit my band?