i have an ibanez gsa60 and getting a shecter c-1 FR
whats the best amp around that price?i play metal and metal only^-^
I'd have to disagree with the comment about going with the Spider. I have no problem with line 6, but i do own a Roland cube 30 and it is an amazing amp. All of the effects that are built in are based on boss effects because of the fact that Roland owns Boss. It has great cleans.
i reckon over the years you'll end up regretting buying the spider more than you would the roland. They make very scrumpshous amps.
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Roland Cube, Peavey Transtube series. For tube combos Crate Palomino, Epi Valve junior (both would need pedals.)
If it's metal you're after, do not buy Vox. It's widely accepted that Roland Cubes beat Vox at high gain. If you were looking for classic rock/modern rock, well...
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Vox AD30VT XL. its the same as the 30VT only its high gain metal based. ive got the 30VT and i love it. if you like metal i think itd be worth a try!


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For Metal I like the Roland Cube 30X, very nice amp. I have one myself and I'm surprised at how good it's tone is for a SS. I havn't tried the new High-Gain Vox Valvetronix yet but I faintly remember hearing somewhere they arn't the best. Don't go by that though, wait for someone who has tried one. Go to GC and try out different amps, compare them agaisnt each other and don't be afraid to buy used.