Hey everyone, I was looking into this guitar...


Agile AL-3000 Maple Top EMG. It comes with 81/85. Now i've heard all the claims that EMG's (particularly the 81/85 set) can only do metal. Now I play a lot of metal, but I also play some classic rock and instrumental type stuff (Satch/Petrucci). When I do play classic rock, I end up playing it a little heavier, like how Dream Theater covers Zep and stuff.

Will it do? I've heard EMG's are lifeless, only good for metal, ect., someone help!
ppl who say that need to actually try them, and in more guitar than say a jackson rhoads model, if youw ant it i say go for it, the 85 is especially good for the neck, really smooyth and mellow
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people try an 81 through a schecter and a 5150 and wonder why it sounds sterile and limited. 85, bridge, fender twin, delay. yum yum yum. add a tube screamer, good god.
id say go for it. If Claudio Sasnchez, Dan Jacobs, and several other guitar players that i can tthink of are any indicator tone-wise, id say u can get some good tone out of em. Definately good for heavy stuff. Its when u try to get Classic rock style cleans like the Allman Bros or the Beatles is when ppl hate em. Clean, most ppl hate EMGs.
For classic rock, I mean overdriven heavier bands, stuff like Zeppelin, AC/DC, ect.
I have the 81/85s and 81/89s and I think that the 89 is far better than the 85. the single coil switching is very nice for cleans. Ive tried the 60 aswell and from what I heard I still prefer the 89
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I can get a perfectly acceptable ledzep/ac/dc tone with my EMG's and peavey 6505+ you just have to know how to EQ
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Well how would I EQ my XXX so that it can do heavier classic rock?

Would I be better getting the standard AL-3000 for $50 less and investing in some Dimarzio's or SD's?