hey guys i have ales paul copy by jay turser which i love to death im starting to play it more because my better guitar is a jackson witha floyed rose on it and is a pain to d-tune to like C

but my les paul is hardtail

im want to put a new set of pickups in the bad boy like a Duncan Invader in the bridge

what would be a good choice for the neck i play alot of stuff from Children of bodom and Lamb of God to The police And Van halen
Im gonna say an Air Norton neck and Evo bridge. Mayybe do an Invader/'59 set, i think that would work well. that should do ur heavy stuff and ur Police clean stuff, either set would.
Seems like you want to keep it passive here, in that case... I would go for an Evolution in the Bridge (or maybe Air Norton) and a Seymour 59' for the neck.

I think that would be pretty cool. Obviously, Dime had the 59' in the neck position, so

I dont think you'd be disappointed.