im not a big fan of mosfet, ask what speakers are in the cab, if they are celestions it would be worth it just for the cab

you wil need a distortion pedal to play metal through that amp
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The Marshall is just another variation on solid state. Keep you Spider until you can find a tube combo.
the cabinet should have celestion g12t's stock, so it's probably worth it just to sell the head on and then buy yourself a new head.
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I'm wanting to trade him my 2x12 Spider II. I know you all hate that amp, not talking about the trade on my end, is that marshall any good? Would it bee good for me? I play hardcore Metal, and need a ton of power and distortion

No, you dont.
Its like trading a peice of crap, for a louder, cooler looking peice of crap.
Its your choice really, the worst you could do is break even
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