Anyone know a good tube amp for classic rock, rock, and metal. One that doesn't crackle and pop when using OD My budget is $500 MAX. I be asking for this amp along with an Ibanez RG3EXQM1.
Crate Palomino V32 with an OD pedal of ur choice. Or a Peavey Classic 30. or maybe a Laney VC30 or LC30.
Peavey Valveking 50 watt 112 combo for blues/classic rock. Would be stretching it a bit for modern metal, although some metal players like it just fine. $429. If you don't need that much power you might get a Peavey Classic 30 used. If you just need a good practice amp a Crate Palomino 5watt 110 tube combo would work fine. All these amps need a push from a pedal for metal.
I currently have a digitech Rp350 multi-effects pedal. Would that be good enough?
It would work but later you may want to get away from multis and go to analog stomp boxes.
I think the ValveKings kick ass. Or wait, and try out the new Crate V-series, all-tube amps, due out this month. The V18-112 is their 18-Watt, Class-A, 1x12 at $399.99 USD. The V50-112 is their 50-Watt, 1x12 at $449.99 USD. Wait, try 'em both, and see which one sounds better to you.
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Vox AD100VT. it is.. purely amazing.
it will literally do ANYTHING and it loves to be turned up.
crap load of built in effects. awesome.
$579 at Guitar Center.
Peavey classic FTW!
It needs a push from a pedal to get harder metal (but with high output humbuckers, you can get metallica stuff with just the stock distortion).
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Classic 30 or palomino V32. please i wish people would use the search button...or someoen make a sticky or something

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