I want to string my C-1 Hellraiser in B standard (BEADF#B). I know this is a rather popular tuning... what strings do you guys use? 7 string set w/o the high E?
I play in C sometimes on my Daddarrio .10s... So .11 should probly be thick enough. To be safe though, I'd use .12s.
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.11s should work fine. Maybe even 10s. I've gone down to it with 9s and not had major issues (obviously buzzy, but not horrible and sounds fine through my amp.) however I would advise .11s if you plan on doing it all the time with that guitar, if nothing else to spare yourself from the string buzz.
10-60's or 10-52's 12's might do well if you want to keep a relitevaly high tension
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