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Ernie Ball Super Slinkies.

Yamaha YS-250 Pro Extra-Light
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I also use Dean Markley Blue Steel, .11 - .52s. I'm thinking about trying something different, though.
Does anyone know the song that goes: ba ba bah, ba ba buh, bu ba bum, ba ba bah, ba bu buh, bu bu bum, bu ba bu bu bum baam?
10g Dunlop

Epi Les Paul Std w/Duncans
Cry Baby From Hell
Marshall JH-1
EHX Metal Muff
MXR EVH Phase 90
Carl Martin Classic Chorus
EHX #1 Echo
Ibanez LU-20
Dunlop DCB-10
Crate V50112
Tascam US144

D'addario for my jazz guitar
Ernie ball for my everything-else-guitar that I keep at home :P
My Gear:
Gibson ES-335 (Dot)
Spider III 75W
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Crybaby Wah
Epi Valve Junior Half stack
Line 6 Floor Pod (FOR SALE!!!)
GHS's right now, still trying to find a brand that i really like.
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ernie 10's, why are there so many of these threads?
- Epi Les Paul Custom (emma)
- Orange Tiny Terror
- 2x12 w/greenbacks
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- MXR Phase 90
- EB Volume JR.
- Boss DD-3
Quote by senor_penguin
ernie 10's, why are there so many of these threads?

i dont know, maybe its Teh nOObs
GHS Zakk Wylde Custom Lo-Tune set, 11-70. I tune to drop C/ D Standard

Sometimes drop A for Nile, B for Cannibal Corpse/Carcass C Standard for Arch Enemy and don't forget B# for Bleeding Through
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Quote by senor_penguin
ernie 10's, why are there so many of these threads?

dunno, could be utter bordem
but hey they get responces

oh and Ernie .10s
Dean Razorback V 255 (explosion finish)
Jackson KX10 (amber sunburst)
Yamaha ERG121
random 50 quid acoustic
Randall RG50TC
D'addario, been using them for 6-10 months after using GHS Boomers.

I might go back to Boomers, though the D'addario's seem to last longer.
I just bought some DRs I've been wanting to try. But, I still believe Fender Bullets are better for certain types of saddles.
American HM Strat | LP Studio
Soldano Avenger w/DeYoung OT | Mark IV rackmount | DC-3 rackmount | Single-Recto

I use fender 9s, and I tune Nashville style. I have a hell load of wounded A's and E's.
Ernie Ball Regulars. Theyre really good but i might try out d'addarios soon, ive heard great things about them.
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I use the Dave Mustaine progessive strings.

me too
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Passive pickups? Are there such a thing as aggressive pickup s?

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What is theory?
I have used so many different brands of strings over the years from Fender Super Bullets to Elixr strings but lately I use D'Addario's 9s. I find them to be reliable and inexpensive when you buy the bulk 10 packs. With as many guitars as I have you need to buy bulk. LOL

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SG has Ernie Ball 'Not even slinky' 13's on it, i tune to A for Static-X stuff

Les Paul and Strat have Dulop Zakk Wylde strings, dunno the gauge..

Bass has Ernie ball something

Acoustic has elixer's on it
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I lulzed.
Ernie Balls, the ones in the pink packets, 11-48, can't remember what they are called lol
i used to use super slinkies, decided to try some thicker strings so the now i play regular slinkies but i aint into them as much so il be switchin back
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ESP Ltd H-302
Jackson KE3 (for sale)
Schecter Blackhawk
Roland Cube 60
D'Addario 9.5s.
Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky (Eerie Dess Swirl)
Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos (Chameleon Red) =D

Crate FXT65 amp with 3-way foot switch
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal
D'addario 10s, though my S470 came with what I think are 9s. When one snaps or dies I'll replace the lot with 10s though.
D'Addario 10-46, with a 11 on the high E.
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- Dunlop Cry Baby
Right now, Gibson strings. Not bad at all. Usually DRs tho.
G&L Legacy Special -> Line 6 TonePort GX -> Gearbox\GR2

Fender DG-19 Acoustic

They're actually rather brilliant on a stoptail guitar. Great sustain cos of the end-y bit and last for ages

AND Bendable. Cos strings should.
I use D'Addarios occasionally but for the most part I'm an Elixer Polyweb fan. I just love how much smoother they feel, esspecially on the wound strings.
Ernie Ball 009's, D'addario 009's, Martin 010's, DR 009's and Fender Bullets (009's or 010's); different guitars call for different strings
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