ok so i just picked up a firewire solo by m-audio. i got everything to work fine on it but now i needa get the sound i want. i hve a peavy 5150 plus head and my question is this.
How would i go about reording from this head. in other words...how do i hook my head up to my firewire solo so i can play through my head and record it.
any help would be greatly appreciated guys
a microphone going into a mixer going into the solo

or you could just use a microphone and a XLR into 1/4" jack to the interface.

Either way you'll need a mic
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You could though use a line out into the card and then a good software cab sim, that's what I did and listen to my clips, it turns out great.

Otherwise a Shure SM57 is a great choice.
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theres no other way? the problem with that is i havent gotten a cab or a mic... so does this mean i cant hook the head up as i would a foot pedle? just simple plug-ins?
NONONONONO! If you hook up the head without a cab of some sort attached, it will blow (I think like the transformer or something dies) and you will be sad. You should get just a 1x12 cab or something.
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