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So the Musician and band,the musician can be a bassist,singer,guitar,drummer,and etc but they have to be in a band or they have to be a Musician.You have to state the year you started listening to them and you can only have one plus their is no flaming of the bands.The band and the person can be in different bands too.It is you choice to add a pic.

the format it should be in:


Dave Mustaine



Year started listening to them:


Dave Mustaine kicks ass.

Musician; Phil Demmel
Band; Vio-lence/Torque/Technocracy/Machine Head
Year started listening; 2002
musician:will ferrell
instrument:intense rockin cowbell
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Musician: Brad Nowell

Band: Sublime

Year started listening: 2003 --ish
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musician:will ferrell
instrument:intense rockin cowbell

Oh god shoot me,not another one.
billy corgan

smashing pumpkins


secret other musician jonny greenwood
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musician: tom morello

band: rage against the machine/ audioslave

instrument: guitar

year: 2006
Musician: John Frusciante
Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers/solo work
Instrument: Guitar/vocals
Year: 2005
Name: John Petrucci
Band: Dream theater.
Started listening:1997
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Most metal guitar ever. Period.
Musician: John Frusciante
Band: RHCP/Solo
Instrument: Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Year: Gosh I remember listening to them on the radio a long long time ago...1998ish?
Musician:Mike Watt
Band:Minutemen/fIREHOSE/various other projects
Instrument: Bass/vocals
Year I started Listening: 2006-ish

Musician: Matthew fcking Bellamy
Band: Muse
Instrument: Guitar, vocals, piano
Year: 2004

He's just so goddamn talented. I'm counting on another UG'er to post a really badass picture of him, cause I'm too lazy
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Musician: Tom Gabel

Band: Against Me!

Started listening: Since 03.

He's on the far left.
666 BRO

Musican: Blake Schwarzenbach

Band: Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil

Instrument: Guitar, Voice, Pen

Started Listing to:2006

Musican: Mike Watt

Band: Minutemen, fIREHOUSE

Instrument: Bass

Started Listening to:2005
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Musician: Amy Lee
Band: Evanescence
Instrument: Vocals
Year: 2002
she has an amazing voice but the way she treats her "band mates" has made me hate her

Musician: Mikael Åkerfeldt
Instrument- Guitar/Vocals
Year 2005

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Musician: Jerry Cantrell
Band: Alice in Chains/Solo
Year started listening to them: 2002

It's gonna be a blue day
Musician: Synyster Gates
Band: Avenged Sevenfold
Instrument: Guitar
Started listening: 2004

Musician: Chris #2
Band: Anti-Flag
Instrument: Bass, Vocals
Started listening: 2005

Musician: Chris Cheney
Band: The Living End
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
Started listening: 2006
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Name: Trey Anastacio
Band: Phish/ Solo
Year Started Listening: 2003

And I've been in love with phish ever since.
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Eric Clapton
95 (3 years old at the time)
Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine.
We go drinking from time to time.
tomas kalonosky, or something along those lines
lead singer and rhythm guitar for streetlight manifesto, catch 22, and does something in the bandits of the acoustic revolution
i like his lyrics and voice
started listening to july
I've got 3 music idols so:

Musician: Tim McIlrath
Band: Rise Against
Why: Amazing vocalist and overall attitude towards music and band.
Listening to em since: 2005

Musician: Dustin Kensrue
Band: Thrice/Dustin Kensrue
Why: Best lyricist i've ever come across in a heavy band. Amazing musician too...
Listening to em since: 2006

Musician: Trent Reznor
Band: Nine Inch Nails
Why: Amazing musician and Production idol.
Listen to em since: 2003ish
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Musician: Synester Gates
Band: Avenged Sevenfold
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Listen to em since: 2004
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Musician: Steven Page
Band: Barenaked Ladies, The Vanity Project
Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Started listening: 2000
We thought we lost you;
Welcome back.
Musician:Claudio Sanchez
Band:Coheed and Cambria/Prize Fighter Inferno/Shabutie
Year started listening to them:2003

Musicianexter Holland
Band: The Offspring
Year started listening to them:1998
Musician- Mike Patton
Bands- Mr. Bungle, Faith No More(too many to name)
Year- 2000

Musician(s)- Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam as a whole really)
Band- Pearl Jam
Year- 2001
i are has two

musican: John Petrucci
band: Dream Theater
year: 2007

musican: Mike McCready (not sure on the spelling)
band: Temple of the Dog / Pearl Jam
year: 2006

Musician: Jesse Lacey
Band: Brand New
Listening Since: 2000
Name: Muhammed Suicmez
Band: Necrophagist
Year: 2004

He's allowed to be angry, he owns your soul.

And also:
Name: Sean McGrath
Band: Ghoul/Impaled
Year: 2003

Enough said!
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Name: Jeffrey Isbell /Izzy Stradlin
Band: Guns N' Roses
Year: 2003 I think

Name: Michael Monroe
Band: Hanoi Rocks
Year: 2005

Name: Dave Lepard RIP
Band: Crashdiet
Year: 2005

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