So, I just sat down and started playing. I don't think I've ever sucked so bad in my life. And we've all been here...when we set the guitar down after a few minutes and say "Oh, I'm done, screw this." And we have no explanation for how bad we're sucking.

But we've also had those days where we sit down and WAIL. We're so in the zone that we totally dominate anything that we've played before, and can pull out licks that we couldn't the day before.

Since I haven't fine-tuned my experience so far, and there are so many of you on these forums who have the experience with being "in the zone," what do you have to do to make yourself get warmed up right? I've heard of blowdryers, soaking hands in hot water, etc...

What are your strategies?
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Have a threesome first.

...or just stretch out your fingers .
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Soaking your hands in hot water is prolly the best, since it relaxes the muscles. Dont have the water too hott though!

I dont know any other way, though having a good day can affect it. The more positive you are, the better you'll play prolly.

Theres my 2 cents!
After experiencing some symptoms of tendonitis, I stretch every morning and before I play for at least two minutes. Luckily for me, my mom's a registered massage therapist and will probably save my career in the long run.

Beyond that, I like to warm up by running a few scales (usually A minor pentatonic and E phrygian) before I dive into whatever it is I wanted to play.
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Listen to some good tunes before you play to get you excited. Also, always warm up with something fast and energetic like a solo.
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I watch Led Zeppelin play How Many More Times off the Led Zeppelin DVD. I always play better after that.
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The more positive you are, the better you'll play prolly.

Not true. I play the best when I'm REALLY pissed off at something. It fuels my palying. Makes it harder, faster, better... stronger? Daft Punk anyone? Then again, any strong emotion can fuel my playing. If I'm happy I tend to play lighter and softer, and only do that melodic, epic, major-scale shredding, if I feel like shredding. If I'm down about something, obviously I'll play more minor chords, and I tend to play with a little more soul and feeling and articulateness. If I'm pissed, like I said. I play harder, faster, and heavier. If I'm just having a normal, boring day, I tend to kind of suck.

Sorry, a little off topic there.

As for warming up, I stretch my fingers out a lot. Then I go through a few exercises, especially speedy ones that involve a lot of pinky work. I haven't tried that hot water method. Does it really make a difference?
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If ive just been outside, i like to wash my hands in hot water, warm them up a little bit, then sometimes stretch my fingers a little( i forget sometimes), then i run through some scales, and start my playing.
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bring some hot groupies to your band practices. you wont want to suck with them watching, and the possibility of getting laid after a tremedous performance does wonder for motivation.
I smoke an enormous bowl of chronic before playing. Does wonders for your tone.
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