im into all styles of music, everything from classic rock, to metal, to hard rock. i have been lookin into different amps. I really like the Mesa Boogie amps but i dont know which one i should get. Metal is my primary style, but like i said, i do play some soft stuff so i want something that is versatile but has an excellent metal sound and crunch. How are the Duel Rectifiers? and the Triples? any good?
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What's your price range?

While not a total "one-trick pony", I think that Rectos are lacking a bit in the clean/slightly overdriven department.
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Go to the store and try them out. A lot of people like them, a lot hate them. Many people hate them because they have a really flabby low end. To each his own.
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do u have enough money for a dual or tripple rectifier?

id pick triple rec just cause (korn fan)

but the dual rec is just as good.. both amazing amps

if u have enough money for one
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They are just about the same amp. Only different is wattage. 100 to 150 watts. Dual, Triple respectivly.
Of course, either way you go, Mesa's are gonna be amazing as they usually are.
I really think you'd be fine with a Dual or a Triple Recto, but if you REALLY wanted versatility... I would work towards a Road King.

I know whatcha mean though, you want to be able to drive some serious gain, like a fricken chainsaw, but then there are times to use distortion for rock... then soft rock, then you'll even find yourself using rather low-gain settings for some neck pick-up soloing, and hendrix stuff or even bluesy stuff.

If this is the case... take a look at this video (if you can look past the sometimes inept playing)


Shows a considerable fraction of whats possible as far as tone sculpting, with a Road King.