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I need songs that are "church-friendly" for me to play at church. They don't have to be Christian songs. The deal is that I play a little tune while the offering is collected and I'm running out of ideas for songs.
No seriously, just do something classical transcribed for guitar.

Like Pachbel's Cannon.


Or Cannon Rock.

Actually, you could do something like Patterns in the Ivy by Opeth, its an acoustic instrumental and it sounds pretty cool.
How about Hallelujah?

Oh, and I'm just waiting for someone to say I Cum Blood.
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I have an idea. Play Raining Blood, and when you get to the solo, have some buddies dump a ****load of red dye into the baptismal pool, then have them break the glass and it dumps into the choir stands and drenches the old choir ladies with blood. METAL.
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Play a modern Christian rock song or just a plain worship tune. Listen to Air1 for examples. (Air1 is an Christian radio stream you can recieve either online or through your radio)
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

Yeah, I'm a genius.
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The Rain Song - led zeppelin (just do it without the vocals)
Hope - Rush (really beautiful short acoustic instrumental)
Sisters - Steve Vai (another really good acoustic instrumental)
A slide gutar version of Amazing Grace.
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Cult by Slayer XD

Sorry I couldn't resist

LOL he asked 4 church frendly songs and u sed slayer UR SO FUNNY!!
Hammer Smashed Face.

What? It'll work if play it on a classical guitar.
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Hmmmm, Lord of This World by Black Sabbath is an extremely true song and in my opinion, it's pro-God. Just look up the lyrics, I think you would agree.

If not, then The Star Spangled Banner? A lot of people would probably be impressed and it's a good length.
Necrolust - Mayhem?
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... the metal by tenacious d

YES!!!! Or how about Operation ground and pound--DragonForce.




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YES!!!! Or how about Operation ground and pound--DragonForce.

Soldiers of the Wasteland me thinks.

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in before "I cum blood" by Cannibal Corpse

seriously though, play some broken city
cuz it rocks and its not too distorted or doesnt have "bad" lyrics

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Soldiers of the Wasteland me thinks.

Yeah, that would work much better.




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at my old church, my friend plays bass in their praise band, and during the offering sometimes they play "Money" by Pink Floyd. you could play a little bit of "Let it Be" and then the guitar solo, "Wind Scene 600 A.D." from chrono trigger (youtube it), or "Little Wing" or "Yellow Ledbetter" or something, idk.
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When The Music's Over by the Doors.

It's not very quiet or anything. But it's got a kickin' key part, which churches have, so the organist can play along!!!!

Plus, when it gets to the part where it is sung "We want the world and we want it now", the whole church can sing along because all a church really wants is total world domination. That's why it's a denominational church.
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maybe a RHCP song. jack johnson and john mayer both have some pretty good songs also.
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Creed - Lift me Higher.
If it was me playing I wouldn't worry about being "friendly". But I'm an ass.
And btw it's Canon not Cannon. One is a classical piece written for church the other is an artillery piece designed to level said church.
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