A very interesting series of short clips. A teacher divides a class into blue eyed and brown eyed groups. The first day- the brown eyed people are inferior, equal to blacks. The second day, the positions are switched and the blue eyed people are inferior. The 3rd grade class goes through with it for a week and is filmed during the exercise. 14 years later, the students watch the film to see their former selves and talk about the experiment. The teacher then does it to another group of adults and sees how they react to the same experiment.


I think this experiment should be shown everywhere- but not done everywhere (see the last clip for the teacher's explanation on how it could harm a child if done incorrectly). It's very interesting to watch.

EDIT: Yes, some of you have probably seen it- and that's because there's a book about it and it was first done in around 1946.
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They showed us that in PSHCE a couple of years ago. Interesting.

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wow...that was weird...everyone knows...the only true supirior being is the skinny blonde haired, brown eyed guitar player...known as bi-ah!...everyone else is equal...but inferior to his superiority...
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I'm in 9th grade, and I've taken part in a "Celebrate Diversity" program for 2 years in a row now. This exact experiment is what takes place during your first day. Luckily, I had brown eyes, so I was allowed to have coffee and doughnuts, while the people with different colored eyes got yelled at by a man (who is a reverend in real life).
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I watched this video in English last year and I think it was a great idea. It definitely shows the children how outrageous discrimination is.