does the epi lp studio have the carved top? or is it flat, like some of the cheaper versions?
It has a carved top, but not a maple one. Though for the record the Studio is one of 'the cheaper versions'. It's basically the sister to the 100; the 100 gets the carved maple cap but only has a bolt-on neck, the Studio has a set neck but it's top is just the body carved direct. A Studio sounds a touch better, the 100 looks a bit better; both are inferior to a Standard, which really is the very minimum you should buy anyway.
thanks for the info. other than the neck (set/bolt on) and minus the maple top, what makes the studio inferior to the standard? pickups, and cheaper hardware? does the lack of maple top hurt the tone a lot? im under the impression the maple top was to help lighten the guitar from all that heavy mahogany?