crit my bands new song? recorded the drums at our practice room an then everything else in my bedroom so let me know what you think.


our sounds very influenced by the epitaph/fat punk bands ie. strung out, lagwagon, pulley, no use, bad religion, NOFX, ignite, the offspring

the recording is good quality

I like the intro riff, sounds cool

I also like that you didn't throw in any growling ****, I like growling lyrics - just not with songs like this

overall - two thumbs up

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nice quality dude! im guessing you used cakewalk? ah i try but im a multi-track guy. i must say different recording softwares have their own unique sounds.

anyways i love how the left guitar and right guitar are playing such different riffs yet they blend so well. its definately not found too often in this style of music. good job!!

and did your drummer use e-drums or triggers? they sound electronic.


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This is very very nice! This reminds me of a mix between Linkin Park and Muse's Map of the Problematique.. The vocals are great and really match the amazing riff.. The two guitars indeed blend perfectly.
Only one minor flaw, sometimes the drum seems to be a bit off tempo.. That gets sorted out near the end though

Very good job!
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The drums were recorded on a 8 track and then imported into cubase. The guitars and bass were recorded in cool edit 2 using a line6 toneport ux2, then imported to cubase which was then used to record vocals. The drums are not e-drums.

an yeah we know about the tempo issues, lol weve learnt from our mistakes though so next time we will deffiantely have the drummer record using a click track, so hopefully the next set of recordings we start should be better again.

thanks for the comments, ill try to get round to critting some of yours tonight

cool song, quality of recording is good alright. the pick slides especially, coz they can be an ass to get sounding right!
I dont listen to any bands in this genre but seems like you pull it off well.
Cool song you got there. Really nice quality recording too. Everything seemed to be good really. Vocals were really nice. They seemed perfect for the genre. The guitar was really catchy too. I liked the tone a lot. Along with everyone else, I'd have to say the drums sounded off beat in the beginning, but it definately corrected itself later in the song. Keep it up. Good stuff.

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