Ok, im in a bit of a predicament and dont know what the **** to do.

a few months back me and a mate stated a comedy rock duo, like a mix between tenacious d and electric six. he sung and i played guitar and it was great. we made some awesome songs that were funny as and we were very popular in our region and lots of ppl loved us.

the we decided to move on and get a full band together so we pulled in another gtarist, and after discovering that the singer wasnt good at bass we looked for another bassist but the only one we could get was a guy who wasnt a bassist but like, a very good acoustic guitar player, but its the best we could do. and then we also got an AMAZING drummer to jam with us everynow and then and also record.

the thing is with this new band we started, im really the only musically talented one in the band. im the one who rights all the songs bcos im the only one that CAN write a good song. and so wen i bring the songs to practice, the second guitarist cant play anything that i tell him too, he is all over the place, and he cant write his own parts cos he sucks.

the bassist is a great musician, but only when he has a guitar in his hands.

now the singer, the guy who i started the band with, he really cant sing well at all. he has such a boring tone and has no sense of ryming or rhythm. for the comedy band it was ok, because the vocals didnt need to be great.

but now we've got this new band and things need to be taken seriously. Ive written some really awesome songs over the last few weeks, like great rock songs, especially for a 17 year old. and if i have a band that can play them like they are supposed to be played, and with ppl who are good at their instruments, i think we would have a good chance of making it big. esspecially when we start writing songs together.

so ive written some great songs and have a vision for a band that id like to be in. and i think i could go far with the right people. i don't want to waste this opportunity to make it in music, but if i take it to the band in the state it is in now, the songs wont reach their potential and a HUGE opportunity will be wasted.

One suggestion that i talked to the singer about was swapping the bassist and the second guitarist with each other. a move which the current second guitarist would not like one bit and would probably refuse to do. But to really take this band to the next step i would need to move the bassist to second guitar, get rid of the guitarist, and also get a new, great singer that suits our style, and a new talented bassist.

how the hell could i do that? me and the singer formed and started the band, and the second guitarist was the first to join. I cant kick them out. but if i dont, my chance to get into the music industry would be delayed. i just finished school and have many years till college so i can focus 100% on music.

do i start a new band with just the current bassist and the drummer? and put the bassist on second guitar and get some one to replace him and get a new singer? should i take my songs to that new band instead of my current one?

i really just dont wanna waste this opprtunity cos i feel like if im with the right ppl i can go places, but what the hell do i do??
ditch the bassist/guitarist, whatever guy, and get a real bassist who's devoted his life to bass...then do something to tame that guitarist, tell him this is what the song is and if you're not gonna play them right then write your own parts, and if you're not gonna write your own parts then eff off, it might seem harsh but, hey, there are alot of lead guitarists out there, just because this guy is good at playing stuff doesnt mean he's a good BAND guitarist, you need a guitarist who can actually contain his playing, if he cant contain himself from going wild that'll screw everything up like you cant imagine, so get rid of him, maybe make guitarist #2 the lead guitarist, if he can help himself from not going wild...you know, just like in the song...let it be by the beatles, john lennon has to control his solo to fit what was written out, because if he changes even a couple notes, the song is screwed and voila, you've destroyed one of the better songs in rock history...so you absolutely need a guitarist who has self control with a guitar, even if it means kicking out the fastest/best shredding guitarist around, because if he cant do what is asked, PROPERLY..then he really isnt a great guitarist, as for your singer, get him to take singing lesson so he can get some virbrato and stuff like that, just work with him, try to get him singing good
Where do you live? I'd start a band with you if you're as good as you say you are.

On a more serious note, maybe you could start a serious band with just the "bassist" and drummer, and keep doing the comedy thing as a side project?
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i live in bathurst australia. yeah we are gunna start the comedy duo thing back up again, jst cos it was soo fun and natural. im guessing ur american and wanna play thrash metal tho? im a grunge/hard rock man.