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I am wondering which to get! I play classic rock and some blues so i really dont need the high gain aspect on the xls im just wondering if it was improved in other ways to make it worth the extra $60 (yes i am a tightwad)

I really want to hear from people who have tried at least on of them and i have made up my mind (it was pretty hard to) so i really dont want any posts saying "dont get either, get ___"
The VTXL is better at modern voicing while the normal VT is better at vintage voicing.

Get the normal VT .
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I'm a happy as hell owner of the standard AD30VT. I liked it so damn much I went and bought the 100VTH as well. The standard 30VT is awesome, especially with the addition of my recently purchased Fulltone Fulldrive 2 overdrive pedal. I'll hold onto the 30VT for a long time for it's nice clean sound, but still gets off its ass to rock out. I'm not a big fan of the "US Hi-Gain" setting, I'd prefer to muck around on the manual controls for something that it's trying to. Get a hold of a les paul on tweed with some overdrive and rock out for hours upon hours straight.

Great package, not that heavy. I'd sit back to back working on an XL and a standard, and go with whichever moves you.
i say get the normal one i have the 50 watt version and it handles high gain really ****ing well, so dont bother with the xl
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Yeah I say go with the ad30vt, I've had it for over a year now and it's great. Unless you need the high gain which you don't then don't get it. Also you'll like the voicing on the normal ad30vt more, cause of the AC30 models and boutique CL.
Just my two cents...
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I don't know if I was very clear, but the other guys have it right. If you need the high-gain sound you can drop a decent pedal on it for something else ON TOP of the great sound you're already getting. AD30VT struck me at first as being very clear and clean when you want it to, and for the price range that's almost impossible. ROCK ON!
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